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Bibliographia. Annotated Bibliographies on Religion and Philosophy

This website is devoted to bibliographical resources on philosophy and religion.

I will begin with bibliographies on the history of early Christianity; the planned sections are:

New Testament: bibliographies on the synoptic question, the gospels, the letters, Acts of Apostles and Revelation, the formation of the Canon, textual criticism and the history of the research of the New Testament.

Apocrypha: studies on the New Testament apocrypha, with some reference to the Old Testament apocryphal literature.

Studies on the Early Christian Literature (I and II Centuries): the Apostolic Fathers and the Greek and Latin Fathers.

Studies on the Early Heterodox Christian Literature (I and II Centuries): the origins of the struggle between orthodoxy and heresy; the development of Christian Gnosticism.

Philosophy and Phenomenology of Religion: Analytic and Continental perspectives; the dichotomy between Sacred and Profane; the debate over the existence of God.

Sociology of Religion: The Sociology of Early Christianity; Charisma and Its Routinization in Early Christianity; Messianism and Millenarism from a sociological perspective.

Study Guides: this section contains bibliographies on dictionaries and encyclopedias of philosophy, manuals of style for philosophy students and a selection of introductory readings on history of philosophy, metaphysics, ontology and the philosophy of logic.

Currently this site is in an early stage of development: the only sections available are those on the synoptic problem, the ontological argument for the existence of God and the Study Guides. If you are interested, please be patient: in the next future I will add more pages. This is my third (and last!) website after “Theory and History of Ontology and “History of Logic” that I will continue to develope.